Freitag, 28. Februar 2014

Photo Competition


I'm participating at the competition from !
So this is my picture:

Unfortunately, I didn't realize that I had to poste this picture until yesterday, so I'm a bit penalised because everybody has already voted for other pictures yet. But the most important is to take part at the competition ;)

Montag, 24. Februar 2014

Tutorial - How to make a simple Pullip hat!


Today I'll show you how to make a easy hat for Pullip. You need an old jacket, scissors, needle and thread.

That's my jacket:

 First cut out the pocket:

 Put it on your doll. Cut the overlapping parts.
(sorry for the bad quality) 
Sorry for the bad quality :(

Sew on the side. (Don't forget to turn the hat inside out).

Turn it over. It should more or less look like this:

Now put it on your doll. You're done!

It looks much better on Paloma than in reality... ;)

Pullip Addiction

Sonntag, 23. Februar 2014

Results: I got the 3rd place at the competition! Yeah!


I'm so super happy right now becaus I'm 3rd at the competition I just told you about!!! Here you can see the results. That's so cool! It was my first competition and I won! :D I won a subscription, likes and comments. Ok, that's nothing special, but I'm not really famous so that's great for me! :)

Pullip Addiction

MV "Lolita" for the competition from mwalovepullip on youtube

Hello everyone!

I'm participating at the competition from mwalovepullip on youtube. The topic was to make a music video, so I took the music "Lolita". That was also a possibility for me to make a stopmotion (instead of a diaporama/slide show).
It took me 12 hours to finish the video. After that I had big problems with uploading the video because the file was too large. Today I finally managed it to post it on youtube, so here it is! Enjoy:

I hope you like it ;)

See you soon,
Pullip Addiction

Donnerstag, 20. Februar 2014

Little skirt


Today I sewed my first skirt for Paloma! Yeah! (After my unsuccessfully tries to sew pants :P ). Let's have a look at the result:

Ok, I know, it isn't perfect, but it's my first selfmade skirt, so I'm happy with the result.

See you soon,
Pullip Addiction

Sonntag, 16. Februar 2014

Tutorial - How to make a Pullip Wig with faux fur


When I went shopping for Valentine's day, I found some faux fur. As it was really cheap (about 2.50 dollars / 1,80 euros) I decided to make a wig for Paloma out of it.
I found this tutorial on youtube:

So this was my faux fur. I drew my pattern on a piece of paper, so if you want to try the tutorial, you can use it (please klick on the picture): 

It was really easy to realize. The first time I accidentally forgot to take account the extra space for sewing. That's why I drew it on the pattern.

So here is the result:

I'm proud of my work because I'm so bad in sewing... so even you can manage it! ;)

See you soon,
Pullip Addiction